Mailerlite Vs Mailchimp: Email Marketing Tool Comparison in 2024

In this fastest-growing world of digital marketing, email remains as crucial as it was before for businesses to connect with their audience. That’s why we did in-depth research to write this article to save your time and effort. Numerous Email marketing platforms exist in the market, Mailerlite and Mailchimp are two famous players in this field. In this article we’ll compare Mailerlite Vs Mailchimp, both provide comprehensive features.

Our objective is to help you make the right decision while selecting an email marketing platform for your business.

 Let’s see what we are going to discuss in this article: Pricing plans, Ease of use, Email Editor, Automation and segmentation, integration, deliverability, and customer support. 

Company Background Comparison


Ignas Rubezius in 2010 founded MailerLIte. It has grown slowly into a strong email marketing platform and is known for its simplicity and affordability. It is not only perfect but also popular among small to medium-sized businesses for its user-friendly solutions. 


Mailchimp was founded in 2001 by Ben Chestnut, Mark Armstrong, and Dan Kurzius. It has a longer history and has developed into a comprehensive marketing platform offering beyond email marketing. It has a larger marketing share due to its continuity and extensive features.

Mailerlite vs Mailchimp Pricing

MailerLite pricing plans 

Free: For free you get up to 500-1000 subscribers, one user, maximum monthly email send is 12000, automation, Drag-Drop email editor, templates but limited, online signup forms, and 10 landing pages.

Growing business: In Growing business, you get up to 500 to 25000 subscribers depending on price which starts from 9$/month to 143.10$/month, you get three users, unlimited monthly email send, including automation, Drag-Drop email editor, templates, online sign-up forms, unlimited landing pages, auto resend campaigns, sell digital product, create a dynamic email.

Advance: you get up to 25000 subscribers, with prices starting from 18$/month to 180$/month, unlimited users, unlimited monthly email send, landing pages and templates, including automation, Drag-Drop email editor, online sign-ups forms, auto resend campaigns, sell digital products, create a dynamic email, Facebook integration, custom HTML editor. 

MailChimp Pricing 

Free: In the free plan, you get up to 500 maximum number of contacts, max no. of email which is 1000, one user, one audience, pre-built templates are limited, 300 integration, creative assistant is limited, no onboarding, customer support for first 30 days.

Essential: It starts at 18$, max number of contacts are 50,000, max number of emails is 5000, three users, three audiences, unlimited pre-build templates, 300 integration, creative assistant limited, onboarding assisted, removing MailChimp branding, 24/7 customer support.

Standard: It starts at 20$, max number of contacts are 100,000, max number of emails 6000, five users, five audiences, unlimited pre-build templates, 300 integrations, creative assistance, onboarding assistance, removing MailChimp branding, Pre-build journeys, predictive segmentation, 24/7 customer support.

Premium: It starts at 350$, max number of contacts-custom plan, max number of emails of 150000, unlimited users, unlimited audience, unlimited pre-build templates, 300 integration, creative assistant, onboarding assisted, removing MailChimp branding, pre-build journeys, predictive segmentation, 24/7 customer support. 

Mailchimp vs Mailerlite: User Interface and Ease of Use Comparison

Mailerlite’s Dashboard is intuitive with easy access to campaign management and analytics. It has a simple navigation system which makes it effortless to create and manage campaigns. 

MailChimp’s dashboard has a lot of features that will be quite overwhelming for a new user with its complexity. It provides comprehensive navigation but it’s not beginner-friendly. 

Email Editor 

MailerLite’s Drag-and-Drop editor makes it easy the creation of visually appealing emails. Its customization options offer flexibility in email design, from customizable templates to advanced design features. 

MailChimp’s Drag-Drop editor offers simple and easy email creation just like Mailerlite. Its customization option provides a wide range of templates and design tools for creating personalised and professional-looking emails. 

Automation and Segmentation 

MailerLite’s automation workflow makes it effortless for repetitive tasks and allows personalised customer journeys. With features like conditional branching and delay timer, marketers can customise automation workflows to suit different subscriber segments and engagement levels. It provides advanced Segmentation tools that allow the user to target specific audience segments based on behaviour and preference. 

MailChimp’s automation features are comprehensive, enabling users to set up complex automation sequences. You can use action based on users behaviour, segmentation criteria, and A/B testing to improve automation workflows and increase interaction. It provides advanced Segmentation capabilities which allows a clear targeting for effective campaigns. 

Mailerlite vs Mailchimp Integrations

MailerLite integrates smoothly with various third-party tools, such as e-commerce platforms and CRM systems. Its API access allows custom integrations to streamline workflows and enhance functionality.

MailChimp provides a wide range of integration with third-party apps, e-commerce platforms, and social media channels. Its API access for seamless connectivity. 

Deliverability and Reporting 

Mailerlite had a strong reputation for deliverability by implementing authentic protocols and actively monitoring the sender’s reputation. It allows the user to access delivery statistics and engagement metrics to access the performance of their email campaign and to optimize accordingly. It offers comprehensive reporting features, including metrics on subscriber actively, campaign performance, and audience engagement. It allows the user to segment their subscriber lists based on engagement level and customize their content to specific audience segments for better results.

MailChimp had a strong reputation for deliverability, implementing authentic protocols like DKIM and SPF to verify the sender’s identity and prevent scams. It also provides tools to monitor delivery rate, bounce rate, and engagement metrics, which allows them to identify any issues affecting deliverability. It provides a detailed report on open rates, click-through rates, conversation rates, etc. Which allows the user to gauge the impact of their campaign.

Customer Support Comparison

MailerLite provides responsive customer support via email and live chat, ensuring prompt assistance for users. While customer support also depends on the price you paid.

MailChimp offers comprehensive support through email, live chat, and a knowledge base, as per their requirement.


In summary, MailerLite and MailChimp both offer robust tools to enhance your email marketing allowing you to successfully reach your engaging audience. If you have a small medium size business with a limited budget and looking for a user-friendly interface then, I would recommend going with Mailerlite. If you are looking for advanced features and integration capabilities, then go with MailChimp.

If you have read this far, thank you! I genuinely appreciate you taking the time to read through. I hope this article will be helpful for you. And I wish you all the best with your business endeavors. 


Is mailchimp better than mailerlite?

Yes, better because it provides better templates and design features but won’t be recommended for a beginner. 

Which companies use MailerLite?

Mc Donald’s, Rakuten Kobo and VCU.

What platform is better than Mailchimp?

Hubspot, Omnisend, and Bravo.

Is there any cheaper option than MailChimp?

There are many alternatives to Mailchimp. You can consider Tinyemail, Brevo, Mailerlite, etc.

What is the reason for choosing MailerLite? 

Because it’s beginner-friendly and budget friendly.

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