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Best Email Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

81 percent of small businesses see great results when they use email marketing. 

The reason? 97 percent of email users check their inbox every single day, which is higher-intent traffic than any other avenue or platform can offer. 

When users sign up for your email list, you can deem it as a permission to sell them. That is the power of email marketing.

Don’t fall into the trap of believing the ones that say that email marketing no longer works out. Many small businesses do that.

It works out. And it is driving crazy results for small businesses out there. Even the future of email marketing is pretty bright.

Begin to use it and witness the growth yourself. 

To help you with it, here I am going to list down these 10 best email marketing tools for small business thriving in the market for their exceptional features.

Delve into them!! 

10 Best Email Marketing Tools


TinyEmail is a powerful email marketing tool. It aims at empowering businesses to execute result-oriented email campaigns.

It is specifically designed to cater to small and medium-sized businesses, content creators, bloggers, eCommerce enterprise and podcasters. 

Apart from being an email marketing tool, it is an AI platform that enhances your email marketing campaigns. 

It has plenty of different features like : 

  • Customizable feature
  • URL based automation 
  • Advanced analytics

And, Its most exceptional feature is the email segmentation capability that helps you divide your subscribers into different groups based on their actions and interests. 

It improves your conversion rates and engagement levels in a significant manner. 

Also, if you are running short of time, then it has an AI automation system that enables you to set up automated email campaigns, using your existing brand data. 

It automates email marketing with 

All these make it a potent tool to strengthen your email marketing efforts. 

Try Tinyemail

GetResponse: One of The Best Email Marketing Tools

Getresponse is an email marketing tool as well as an online campaign tool. 

If you have to build and manage online campaigns for different business goals, it caters to that need as well. 

In simple terms, GetResponse can help you with 

  • Collecting leads
  • Building email lists
  • Selling products 
  • Sending and automating emails

This tool is pretty easy to navigate with a clean and intuitive design. 

Its dashboard comes with a “quick actions” section that gives you an account of the most commonly performed tasks. 

Its editor makes it easy for you to cover a wide range of email types that allows you to save blocks. 

Not only that, it has specific content blocks for videos, CTA buttons and ecommerce products. 

It helps you personalise subject lines and email text using contact field data and specify fallbacks if data doesn’t exist for a particular contact.

It help you with a wide of range email types like 

  • Classic newsletters.
  • Autoresponders 
  • RSS to newsletter.
  • Easy A/B testing. 
  • Surveys and advanced automations. 

It provides several designs so that you can choose the most suitable one as per your email category. 

It has a powerful and flexible workflow editor that allows you to build some pretty complex automated sequences. 

It has every important feature that can help you create smart and targeted campaigns. 


MailerLite is a complete email marketing software. 

it helps you with 

  • Newsletter creation 
  • Landing page building
  • Automated journey building

Its drag and drop email template builder is one of the best ones in the market that offer various types of customization opportunities. 

It allows you to create a visually appealing email or code your email with the HTML editor option. 

Its pre-made blocks and templates save time for you to create your headers, buttons, surveys, quizzes and footers. 

And you can fetch content from your RSS feed, podcasts, news, video or blog posts. 

You can configure the visibility of any email blocks so that it can be visible to the user that you want. 

As for interactive emails, Mailerlite has special email widgets like : 

  • Forms 
  • Image carousel
  • Accordion 
  • Basic event invitation 
  • Quiz

It has a Youtube embed feature that automatically converts a Youtube video to a GIF when you add a video URL to an email. 

It is a perfect solution for you to create visually appealing and value-loaded emails.


Whether you are a beginner or advanced marketer, ActiveCampaign will provide you with all the features in a smart, yet easy to use interface. 

Even if you know almost nothing about email creation, you can use its drag and drop and some other basic features to create decent emails, 

Or if you are an advanced marketer, it allows you to edit the HTML, and insert content blocks, countdown timers, videos and ecommerce products

Its most powerful feature is its ability to optimize email marketing with personalization and split testing.

For e.g., you can create conditional content to show it differently based on any field that saves you from sending out different variations of the same email. 

For critical emails, you can create variations of the content or use ActiveCampaign’s predictive content algorithm to find the most-likely converted content.

If you need a template, it offers you 150+ predesigned templates to choose from and also allows you to create your own. 

And if you want to send emails that look personal, then you can choose between plain text or HTML to create them. 

In a nutshell, this email marketing tool helps you serve all your purposes in a desired manner. It is simply worth your trial. 


Mailmodo is an email marketing platform that brings interactive experience to emails via AMP framework. 

It enables businesses across all industries like Edtech, eCommerce, Hospitality, etc.,

and customer types like B2C, B2B, start-ups, enterprise, etc., to create emails. 

It comes with necessary tools to help customers understand their audience and turn data insights into shape campaigns. 

You can import contacts from multiple sources and view and manage contact information all in one place. It also allows you to create new segments using 

  • Personal attitudes 
  • Behavioural data 
  • Campaign activities 

It has such advanced automation mechanisms that will relieve you of a lot of stress.

It helps you set up multiple promotional and transactional campaigns in some clicks and allows you to design user journey maps with visual journey builders. 

You can even trigger email campaigns and customer journeys from an external system via API. 

Its dashboard provides you with all reports in one single place, making it super easy for you to analyse your campaign performances. 

Later, you can even export this data into an external system for better analytics. 

If your business is decently big, then this tool among the best email marketing tools is the right choice for you.


Sendinblue can be a go-to option for those who want to send and automate email marketing campaigns with a limited budget. 

You can deem it a cheaper alternative to MailChimp that also comes with a free version and free trial.

It has all the necessary features that will serve your purpose.

It has A/B testing that optimizes your emails by testing multiple subject lines and picking the best one. 

It can help you create landing pages from scratch or offer one of their appealing templates to speed up the process. 

It gives you the access to soft and hard email bounces and removes hard bounces automatically. 

Its subscription forms are dynamic. 

You can easily customize them as per your brand. 

To advance it, you can use more sophisticated features like captcha verification and automatic data population, so your customers don’t have to fill in their name and other details twice. 

In simple terms, if your budget is tight, but don’t want to compromise with the quality of work, then go for this email marketing tool. 


Convertkit is an email marketing software for small business that can cater to the needs of almost all types of creators. 

Its features aim at helping the users grow and monetize their audience, automate their marketing and sell their digital products with ease. 

I have personally used it and I am kind of impressed by how clean and straightforward its interface is where I see everything in an organized manner. 

On its top bar, you will find 5 options : 

  • Grow 
  • Send 
  • Automate 
  • Earn 
  • Learn 

Even newbies can easily find where the forms, landing pages or the email editor is. 

Moreover, it has an extensive knowledge base that allows everyone to review their services. 

As for features, it has myriads of incredible ones. 

It has a visual workflow builder with 28 pre-built automation templates that cater to the most creators’ needs. 

It can help you add new subscribers in three easy ways : 

  • Import CSV file
  • Import contacts from another provider like Mailchimp, Drip, Infusionsoft, Aweber, Activecampaign, Mailerlite. 
  • Add a single subscriber manually

If you have too many subscribers, then it helps you organize them in tags and segments. 

Its forms are too easy to customize, whereas the editor is pretty fast and simple. 

The available form formats include : 

  • Inline.
  • Modal.
  • Slide-in.
  • sticky bars. 

And its settings are well-organized to help the users navigate towards completion. 

It has every advanced feature that can enhance your email campaigns and positively impact their conversion rate. 

If you are too serious about your work, you should definitely consider this one. 

Try Convertkit

Constant contact

Constant contact is one of the oldest and popular email marketing platforms in the market. 

Though it isn’t the cheapest option in the market, its price is pretty reasonable with plans starting at $12 per month for up to 500 contacts. 

The surprising thing is despite being cost-effective, it helps you with a lot more than email marketing. 

It provides users with loads of prebuilt templates and helps customize them with its simple email editor.

It has many automations that reduce your hands-on labor for 

  • Landing pages
  • Surveys
  • Analytics
  • Reports. 

It offers a few different email marketing automations that vary as per your plan.

All plans have the welcome email automation that automatically sends an email to any contacts who sign up for your newsletter. 

And its mid-tier and top-tier plans come with email automations that send emails based on the number of days that passed. 

If you want to thrive on data, then its analytics and reporting feature will be helpful in tracking and understanding the performances of your email campaigns and digital marketing efforts. 

It helps you track open-rates, bounce rates and shares for every email that is sent automatically. 

ConstantContact is an ideal option for beginners to execute email marketing and drive the desired results. 


It sounds like a sound of a leaky sink or slang term but an email marketing software that drives onsite customer engagement. 

It has gamified pop-ups like “spin to win” and “mystery flash sales” that help you run the type of forms that your customers will be willing to fill out. 

Moreover, it will help you get more email addresses and unique ways to incentivize immediate shopping on your site. 

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It isn’t just a run-of-the-mill email marketing solution because it offers creative approaches to address your customers’ issues, automate your workflows, and create all kinds of engaging popups, emails and forms. 

Drip’s email campaign publishing options are pretty simple and effective. 

You can send a blast with a single email, create an entire series of emails for sending over time or come up with a campaign that works based on a specific automation workflow. 

Apart from this, it allows you to send campaigns via SMS but with a paid plan. 

And if you want to publish your latest social media via newsletter, it makes it the easiest for you via third-party integrations like Zapier

Its email designs are in two favors : 

  • Plan text
  • Fancy, visual kind text. 

It’s up to you which one you will like to go for. 

It doesn’t have more than 7 templates but its template editor is so amazing that you can create any fairly complex layouts (for emails) and add text buttons, social links and the usual images. 

Drip’s premium plans are neither too expensive nor too cheap but its features are so targeted that you will feel it deserving of your every penny. 


Begin to use it. You will witness how beneficial email marketing can be for your small business in the long term because when someone subscribes to your email list, they secretly give you the permission to show them whatever you have to offer. 

As I said at the beginning that 97 percent of email users check their emails every single day,  you have higher chances of catching their points and pushing your product as a solution every time they check your email. 

If you execute email marketing the right way, I guarantee you that it will drive leads for you every week. 

Delve into the email marketing tactics, find the best ones as per your requirement and begin to execute them with one of the best email marketing tools to increase your conversion rate, and generate more revenue.

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