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How to Grow Email List

Email list building is the process of collecting email addresses to send emails to subscribers. For the marketer, an email list is an important strategy. The statistics show that 59% of consumers consider marketing emails either positively or negatively to influence their purchasing decisions either positively or negatively.

Email marketing is a marketing strategy that businesses can control. It does not depend on algorithms, as social media strategy depends on algorithms. As per business needs, they can send information to customers about products, services, offers, and the company.

 However, you will be wondering how to build an email list. You can build an email list using a tiny email tool as it automates sending the mail, and segment the mail. Also, there are various strategies to build an email list which I will discuss in the article below. keep reading for more information. 

What Is an Email List?

An email list is a list of email addresses that contain the name, location, and gender of the target audience. It can collect from websites, events and tools available in the market. 

The email list helps businesses send information, updates about discounts, sales and other details about the business into an email inbox.

How to build an email list? 

Email marketing helps you build a relationship with customers and it is a proven way to nurture leads. Because you share your company story, promote your product, provide information about sales etc. 

Let’s understand how to build an email list.

Have a strong CTA

CTA plays a big role in converting the visitor into a subscriber. Because it persuades readers of content to take action. Also, it encourages visitors to submit a valid email address

  • Personalization

When an email is personalized it brings more results than not personalized. The personalized are combined with a strong CTA, and “pop up” ads bring a high conversion and engagement in email marketing campaigns. Also, help in achieving your business goal. 

  • Use Multiple Social Media Platforms

Select the social media platform where your audience hangs out more. For example, for fashion clothes, the audience hangs out on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube so use that platform for gathering email lists. 

Why Email List Building is Important

Email List Building is important for the business. Because it is the way you can communicate directly with your audience. And nurture your relationship and promote the products or services of your business. 

All other important aspects of email list building are as follows:

  • Good ROI

Email marketing provides you with a return on investment through different methods, such as:

  1. It allows personalized communication with the target audience with relevant content that engages them.
  2. The email marketing campaign is cost-effective compared to traditional advertising, which has a good ROI
  3. You can analyze metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates with powerful email marketing tools for businesses to generate returns on their investments.                                               
  • Direct Communication

Email is a direct way to communicate with your audience rather than social media or paid advertising. When you send an email, it goes directly to your subscriber’s inboxes, where they are likely to engage and read it.

  • Targeted Marketing

You can segment your email list based on various criteria, such as location, interest, or purchase history. This allows you to send targeted emails to customers that resonate with them.

  • Affordable Marketing

 It is an affordable marketing channel compared to paid advertising. Once you have built a list of subscribers, you can send emails for free.

  • Higher Conversion Rates

It has a higher conversion rate than other methods of marketing. Because your email subscribers read the newsletter and get discounts on products. Also, you gain the trust of your customers.

Things to Check Before Building an Email List for Email Marketing Campaigns

While building an email list you need to collect the right email for your email marketing campaign. Also, check these five attributes before building an email list for email marketing campaigns. 

  •  Segment

It is necessary to segment users based on Location, interests, buying behavior of customers, and more. Because it helps you understand where your user belongs.

  • Personalized

While personalized you need to add the receipt name in the subject line or body part of the email. Also, you can gather more data to personalize the email.

  • Subscribe are engaged

It is necessary to check how many subscribers are opening the email, and unsubscribing the email. As it helps you change the strategy of email. Also, declutter your email list to only have engaged subscribers.

  • Email Automation

The tool must have email automation features. These features make it easy to send to the target audience, as it sends automated mail to 300 to 500 clients at a time. 

  • Popup feature

The Popup feature is powerful as it helps in growing your email list. Because it converts website and blog visitors into a subscriber, as it is a popup people will not miss to read it. 

Best 10 strategies to build an email list 

  • Create a landing page

A landing page is a web page built for a marketing or email marketing campaign. It is a place where a visitor “lands” after clicking on an advertisement, link in an email, and promotion. The purpose of a landing page is to encourage visitors to take action such as making a purchase, subscribing to a newsletter, etc. 

You will be wondering what a landing page should be considered. It should consider the following components:

  1. Headline
  2. Sub headline
  3. CTA form
  • Host an Event

You might come across various ads that people are hosting webinars for AI, digital marketing, or the things you gain interest in. To attend that webinar you need to register. In that registration, you share contact information such as email, phone number and name. As it is the strategy to build an email list with the target audience. 

  • Create a newsletter

A newsletter is a powerful tool for building your email list. Because it gives subscribers a reason to share the information with their friends and their known people. As a result, you get a new email address.

What are the reason subscribe to share the information are as follows:

  • Relevant Content

When newsletters continuously provide valuable, and relevant content to subscribers, they are likely to share their email to known people to stay updated. 

  • Offers

When you are providing exclusive discounts to subscribers, they need to share the information. Then they are willing to share the information. Also, people are willing to share the email if you give them a discount, or freebie on a product or service.

  • Compelling CTAs

When you write a compelling CTA that benefits the subscriber then it encourages readers to take the next step and provide their email. 

  • Leverage extent intent pops out

Leverage the extent of your online presence by placing subscription pop-ups on your website. When you intend the pop-ups it triggers the user actions, and captures visitors’ action on the website which helps in sign-ups. 

You must ensure that pop-ups provide a clear CTA that encourages users to join your email list for information and exclusive discounts and offers. 

  • Reach out to personal contacts

Reaching out to people you know is one of the best ways to build an email list. Because they know you and trust you completely. You can request them to share with their family and friends too. 

If you have an established business then you ask the user if they would like to get the latest information about the company and its product. Yes, then you can create an email list. 

  • Run a contest

Running a contest is an effective way to build an email list. You have to provide a compelling prize related to the target audience’s interests. And promote it across different channels, and build a landing page to collect entries and get emails. 

  • Leverage Social Media Account

If you are doing social media marketing using platforms like LinkedIn then it is necessary to leverage the channel. For that, you must include a signup button or opt-in form on the Facebook page to get the lead. Additionally, you can run a social media campaign to encourage the audience to join the newsletter for the discount you offer. 

While you are gathering email lists from social media accounts, take care of these things.

  • Optimize your profile

Ensure your social media profiles have a clear link to your email sign-up page. 

  • Good CTA
  1.  Have clear CTAs in your social media posts, to encourage the audience to click. 
  2. Use action verbs to encourage the audience to take immediate action.
  • Use pop-out feature 

A pop-out feature is a window that appears on top of a website and bottom of the page to collect email addresses from visitors. 

While you are using this feature in email marketing take care of certain things such as

  • Timing

When you visit a site, you want the information to be collected first, but before you check the site a pop-out appears then you will be annoyed. Also, you might leave the website. So it is important to give a proper time to visitors to check the site and make a pop-out appear on the website page. 

  • Relevant to the audience

The content of your website should be relevant to the visitors then only they will subscribe to your email list.

  • Provide a  clear benefit for subscribing. 

Inform the visitors what they will get if they provide their email address. It could be something like a discount, or freebie on their next purchase. 

  • Easy to close. 

The Visitors should be able to close the pop-up window with a single click.

  • Don’t overdo it. 

Using too many pop-ups on your website page can be frustrating for visitors.

  • Encourage offline sign-up with QR Codes

You can grow your email list with the offline method. When you visit an event or when you sell a product offline, you can ask the customer to scan the QR code and sign up for email. 

  • Choose an email marketing platform

When you are using an email marketing platform to build an email list your work becomes smooth. You can use a tiny email email marketing platform for your email list. 

Tiny email marketing tool is useful in various ways: 

  • Segmentation: 

It helps users segment their email lists depending on user behavior, interests, or purchase history. Tinyemail allows businesses to send targeted emails to their subscribers.

  • Automation

Tiny email provides email automation features. These features send welcome emails, cart left product emails, and thank you emails. It saves a lot of time.

  • Email analytics: 

It provides users with detailed analytics about their email campaigns. This includes data such as open rates, unsubscribe rates and click-through rates. 


How do I create an email list for email marketing?

I create an email list for email marketing with a pop-out feature, create a landing page, and newsletter, host an event, leverage social media accounts and use email marketing platforms. 

What email should I use for email marketing?

You should consider an email address that contains your domain name. Because from it 

people will know you and develop a brand reputation in their mind. The same email address you can use for other purposes such as marketing, customer service, general inquiries etc. 

How to get free email lists for marketing?

You can get a free email list for marketing with personal contact, leverage social media accounts and encourage offline signs with QR codes. 

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