Video Marketing Blaster Review: YouTube Marketing Software

Online video marketing plays a vital role in the business growth of any industry due to the increasing number of social media users, platforms, and video search engines. Still, it’s challenging to rank a specific video. After observing this, I got to know about video marketing Blaster when I was doing some research for my business. Let me share the detailed video marketing blaster review to understand it clearly, and how it is the best youtube marketing and ranking software.

I myself consume video content for most of the requirements as I understand videos better than reading blogs or literature. Further, over 80 per cent of internet traffic consume video content for their needs. It means many businesses can take advantage of this user behavior and future trends and plan marketing strategies accordingly.

It brings me to this youtube video marketing tool review. I’ve realized the huge growth potential in YouTube and have opted to grab your attention towards it, where you’ll put your efforts for marketing in video campaigns now and reap the rewards for it in the long run with constant growth. Let’s dive deep into the YouTube video marketing blaster software review.

What is Video Marketing Blaster Software, and How Does It Work?

Video Marketing Blaster is a software tool that studies information from various search engines like Bing, Google, and Youtube and discovers keyword opportunities. It also helps you write an accurate video title and description so that search engines can identify them easier to rank them at the top.

Besides keyword research, it also helps you with competitor research and analysis to optimize your videos according to the best SEO practices.

This youtube ranking software has another feature that helps you analyze your currently published videos to help you optimize them according to their performance and user experience.

Lastly, after optimizing and publishing the video on your YouTube channel, you can integrate it into a rank-tracking tool and track how your video posts perform on different search engines.

What are the features of Video Marketing Blaster- Youtube Marketing Software?

You can safely say that the Video Marketing Blaster is like the Knife of the Swiss Army to understand how Youtube works. There are multiple features of this Youtube Marketing Software that you must know before using it. Let’s explore them.

Finds Keywords

You can use a video blaster to find the less competitive, easy-to-rank, and popular keywords you plan to make videos on and use in the video content. You get these keywords with detailed internal research, insights on competitors, and monthly search volume. You can do keyword research for any niche according to your requirements.

Foundations and Fundamentals

Once you select the keyword you want to use, go to the video details option, where you will see an option to add a keyword and tap on generate details tab. This process will suggest video titles you can use in the video ranking process. But it is not the final one, as you can do more research and improve the title as per your thoughts.

The next step is to generate a video description. It will ask for secondary keywords and social media links to do this. You can add a few relevant secondary keywords and links to your social media profiles so that the video marketing blaster will generate accurate video descriptions. Still, you can read the description and check if it meets your expectations and youtube guidelines. If you’re unsatisfied, you can make the necessary changes manually, like removing unnecessary keywords, proofreading grammar, etc.

What are the Options in Video Marketing Blaster Pro Version?

Niche Analysis

Let’s move into the pro versions of the video marketing blaster software. The first one is the niche analysis tool. It scans your video content, its performance, where your content ranks for a particular search query, and studies those videos. After analyzing those videos, it concludes how it performs in terms of SEO and how challenging it is to beat them.

It is literally the best tool to analyze video SEO performance and plan new content accordingly. You can also use it to analyze competitor videos and plan how to beat that.

Video Report

After creating a video, you can use the video report feature and check the video to see what you can do to rank it higher. Here are a few things to look at.

  • Hashtag count
  • Keyword density
  • Translations
  • Captions
  • Social media links
  • Title length
  • Keyword Relevancy
  • And more

Suppose you are eager to rank your video higher. In that case, you’ll grab the data using this video report feature and take the necessary actions while editing the video and optimizing for SEO.

Rank Tracker

The third feature you can explore while using this YouTube marketing software is Rank Tracker. Just add the link and keyword of the video you want to track for rank, and it will do the rest. The software will give you options to scan the video for Google Search Engine, the video’s statistics, and the rank tracking from Youtube. You can see everything in the dashboard with how your videos are performing.

If you observe any video is not performing well, or youtube is dropping its rank, you need to optimize it for ranking.

Client-based Features of Video Marketing Blaster

Going Live​

Once you begin client outreach, I suggest you go through this module to learn about creating client questionnaires, project management setup, generating tax invoices, etc.

It is an exciting feature to grab your attention, where the tool has templates and a training facility for all these options. You can get tax and accounting advice as well.

Executing Customer Campaigns

Lastly, once you onboard a few clients and they finish the initial paperwork, you can set up some advertising campaigns for them. It will allow you to learn how to access customer accounts, steps to writing effective copies, types of offers that work well, etc.

After setting up and preparing the ad campaign, you can learn about remarketing ads and lookalike target audiences. A few industries consider these audiences goldmines for their businesses.


That’s it for the video marketing blaster review that you are going to use as a youtube marketing blaster or youtube ranking software. If you want me to add something more to this review, do mail me.

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